Representatives of the NGO "Community Development" visited the meeting with the head of Lviv Regional State Administration.

NGO activists met with the new head of the Lviv region Oleg Synyutka and discussed a number of important questions regarding the mobilization and military assistance.

The meeting was attended by representatives of NGOs and political parties held in Lviv Regional State Administration yesterday, February 12, at 18 o'clock. The meeting was attended by activists of the NGO "Community Development".
The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current state of mobilization and Ukrainian military assistance. They also discussed the issue of Mobilization (recruitment), training people to man-made situations, and land allocation for participants of military operations.

"Unfortunately, the Department of the Lviv Regional Administration was highly selective with the question of forming the guest list of active and effective civil society organizations, because they were all invited. We hope that the next time the regional administration officials notified in advance of such meeting all socially responsible public associations "- said lawyer of the NGO" Community Development "Yuri Tatomyr.