The structure of the competitive Commission on selection of candidates for positions of Heads of the Legal Aid Bureau in the Lviv region from the public included a representative of the NGO "Community Development" Tetyana Panasenko

On 4 July, at the premises of Lviv Second Local Center of Free Secondary Legal Aid began the third stage of the competition (interview) for the selection of candidates for the posts of Heads/Deputy heads of the Bureau of Legal Aid.
Interviewing of individuals is held in the video recording form and will run until July 15th. It is expected that in Lviv region will be 171 interviews.
Legal Aid Bureau will be created in every district and town of Ukraine as separate units of local centers providing free secondary legal aid, which operate in Ukraine from 1 July 2015.
In April 2016 the Coordination Center for providing Legal Aid announced a competition for the selection of candidates for the positions of chiefs and their deputies. Applicants who met the requirements and passed the distant learning course were invited to interview. Interviewing of candidates conduct the Competition Commission , about 2/3 of the composition of each are representatives of public organizations involved in the provision of services for residents of their communities.
In such office, each will be able to use the electronic services of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and to obtain free primary legal assistance, information and advice. Vulnerable citizens will immediately have access to free secondary legal aid - drafting procedural documents and representation in court.