A contest for the post of general director of the airport "Lviv"

An attempt to seize the power in Lviv airport was unsuccessful. The Ministry  of Infrastructure officially announced the transparent vacancy of the head of the state enterprises - International airport "Lviv" of Danylo Galicky.

The NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" has always stood for the protection of the law. The activists have taken a principled position, that any problems or issues have been resolved in a legal way without the use of physical force and intimidation. For the transparent and open recruitment, the Ministry attracted the consultants from such companies like -  Talent Advisors, EBS and Deloitte, which will provide free consulting services in the process of formation of the list of candidates and evaluation in accordance with our model of competence, professional qualifications and ethical requirements. From this follows, that the new head of the airport will be defined by legal and transparent selection process.
We should remind you, that the recent NGO activists helped to stop the provocation near the airport "Lviv" and did not allow such scenarios take over at the airport.

"Yet we have achieved, that the question of the appointment of General Director was resolved by the legal means," - said the head of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady"  A.Bolyubash.