Reforming the civil service

The lawyer of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" - Yuriy Tatomyr told on the reform of civil servants, who expect fair and a new "army" of officials.

The system of public service in Ukraine became exhausted for a long  time and needs immediate reforms. The bills "On Civil Service" and "On service in local government", submitted for public discussion,  have to be taken by a new Parliament by the end of this year.

        “The draft of a new law on civil service allows to use the results of the progressive domestic developments and the successful experience of reforms in Europe. We hope, that the new laws will work and protect the interests of civil society.” - said the lawyer.

        The principal innovations of the new version of the bill are:
- Separation of political and administrative positions,
- Regulating the status of civil servant,
- Extremely competitive selection procedure of candidates
- Ensuring equal access to public service,
- Combining rewards with performance assessment,
- The objective possibility of promotion ladder,
- Strengthening personal responsibility for the performance of duties.