The NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" was invited to the presentation of the "Strategy - 2020"

The social activists took part in the presentation of the reform program, which was presented in the room of Lviv National University of Ivan Franko, announced by the President of Ukraine. In the hall of Franko University were renowned political and public figures, heads of law enforcement agencies, journalists, students.

         Friday, October 3 in Lviv a revolutionary program of reforms of European level was presented. It is based on 8 basic reforms and the two programs. They are intended to combat corruption, change the judicial system, law enforcement and reform the national security and defence, changes in the civil service, decentralization, deregulation, and business development. There are planned changes in health sector and ambitious tax reform. Two programs aimed at achieving energy independence of Ukraine and promotion in the world.

       "Overall presentation" Strategy - 2020 " has had a positive impression. There was a deep analytical work. Particularly striking is, that the people who have developed the programme have an understanding of the importance of reforms and focus on results. The big plus is, that it is not given from above, is not imposing, and goes from top to bottom and every citizen of the state can make its own adjustments. We sincerely hope, that the program will be implemented efficiently and the words will not break with deeds "- shared the activist Nazar Seniv.

    "Strategy 2020" coincides with the main principles of the NGOs in the parts of decentralization of power and the growing role of local communities.

      "We hope, that the reform program will lead to new power unbiased people, who were born in independent Ukraine and pro-European standards with new thinking" - say the activists.