“Community Development” (“Rozvytok Hromady”) has received a permission and invites citizens for cooperation

Today activists issued the decision of the Executive Committee of the city Council about creating a social formation, for law enforcement in Lviv.
SF "Community Development" will begin its work in the next few days. From the number of applicants was selected about 50 activists. All of them were special interview, have the proper physical training and knowledge of the legislation of Ukraine.
In the Lviv city Council for unknown reasons, a long time was not given to the NGO "Community Development" the decision of the Executive Committee on the registration of social formation, which was adopted on December 19. More than fifty days ago, the members of the "Community Development"submitted to the city Council an appeal, which stated willingness to join in the work of law enforcement agencies, so that in such uncertain times, to keep order in the city. And just today, under pressure from the public and media city government granted the request of the activists.
It is worth noting that the people's deputies of Ukraine Antonishak A. F., Makovsky B.M., Musyi O. C. and Dobrodomov D.E. sent deputy appeals to the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, General Prosecutor's office of Ukraine, the Prosecutor's office in Lviv region, Lviv region administration. In their complaints, the MPs asked to oblige mayor of Lviv Sadovyi A. I. and officials of the legal Department LCC immediately to give the founders of SFSSO "Community Development" the decision of the Executive Committee of the Lviv city Council and to bring the perpetrators of delaying the case to justice. Public activists sincerely thank the deputies for their support in protecting their constitutional rights.

"10 minutes before the action began; we got a call and said that they can take their decision. Now we're going to do what could be done for more than 50 days to maintain order in the city," said social activist Nazar Seniv.

Employees of the city Council and the Chairman, who blocked the decision of the Executive Committee, should be responsible. Because of the arbitrariness of officials and because of the riot every day suffer ordinary citizens of Lviv. This is why we must finish the job and bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Now in accordance with applicable law, we have the right to ensure law and order in the city. Our formation can join everyone. Before he has to pass a special interview with the experts," added the activist.

To participate in the social formation of "Community Development" invited citizens who have an active life position and sufficient physical training.

Everyone, please contact us by phone: +38 (032) 235 5503, +38 (063) 016 5453 (except weekends and holidays); e-mail: rozvytokgromady2015@gmail.com