Your master for an hour, well, that is an amazing social project!

The social project "Your master for an hour", initiated by "Rozvytok Hromady" is becoming more popular. Every day more new people call to our manager and talk about their problems and invite the master to help to repair the malfunction.
Mr Bogdan – the manager, who coordinates the process - in addition to calls for help, also has telephone conversations with other information.

"It is a great pleasure, when people are calling  just to thank the master, who helped them . These special people are really genuinely impressed, that they are remembered. I decided to write down some reviews "- says Mr. Bogdan.

We publish feedback from those, who participated in the project  "Your master for an hour" with the permission of the "authors".

"The master is attentive, confident and good to put things responsibly. I am pleased with his work "- Alexander Mikhailyuk the disabled group 1.

We used the service of "Your master for an hour". The master Andrew arrived very quickly and efficiently. He is doing his work with enthusiasm, I am satisfied with his work. He performs his job with high quality and very carefully "- Helena Har with the first disabled group on the V.Velykoho street.

"A neat, courteous and competent master. He repaired the switch quickly, twisted all, and cleaned after himself. It is remarkable, that there is such a social project. I am satisfied with the service fully "- Roman Kunkevych with the first disabled group on Lysenko street.


"I am grateful for the work. Master knows his job well. Very satisfied. I sincerely thank the whole team for that service. Good luck! "- Bogdan Krems with the first disabled group on  Shevchenko street.

We should remind, that the social project "Your master for an hour" aims to help people with disabilities and single pensioners. They can call the coordinator and explain what they need to fix or repair. Subsequently, the master comes to solve their problems. All the needs related to work performance, are provided through the charity fund of "Rozvytok Hromady" Bank account: 2600130922401, EDRPOU code (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine code): 39479117, MFO (sort code): 306749.