Yaroslav Antonyak evades participation in public councils of Lviv SSU maliciously

The NGO "Rozvytok Hromady", together with GF "Afghan hundred" initiated an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Public Security in Lviv.  Yaroslav Antonyak refused to attend and publicly present his biography.

In a tragic time for the country, when hundreds of soldiers die in the East, the Security Service of Ukraine, more than ever, needs qualified personnel. We will remind you, that recently a dangerous terrorist group, that planned a series of large-scale attacks, was detained in Lviv region. Their actions are coordinated by the Main Intelligence Agency of the Russian Federation, which wanted to commit terrorist attacks on critical infrastructure and defence industry in the region. Such attempts of saboteurs prove once again, that in the time of actual war with Russia the SBU has to work exclusively with professional and reliable staff, able to prevent any terrorist action. However, there is significant suspicion to public regarding compliance of the officer Y. Antoniak.

Yaroslav Antonyak strongly avoided the participation in the Public Council at the SSU in Lviv, one of the characteristic feature of which is the realization of democratic civilian control over the activities of the SSU in part related to national security.

Notably, Yaroslav Antonyak ran for the depytu from the party "Ukraine - Forward," which, as you know, was a technical project of "Party of Regions". Also, according to the unofficial information, while serving at the customs Yaroslav Antonyak was revealed, that the extortion and accepting a bribe from an individual entrepreneur. For this guide the customs invited him to retire from service for his own desire.

In view of the foregoing, many questions arise: how Yaroslav Antonyak will be elected as the deputy head of the SSU? Why is he, who was invited to work in the security service by the head of SSU - Valentyn Nalyvaychenko?