The people's Deputy Vasiunyk lobbying for the position of airport Director previously convicted

At today's meeting of trade union workers urged People's Deputies of International Airport "Lviv" named after Danylo Galytsky, to overthrow the current leadership of the company and appoint Kryvorotko Eugen (previously convicted) for the position of Director General.
Carving up of the state enterprise continues. This time Krivorotko invited MPs asking them to support the illegal seizure of power in the enterprise. At the meeting of the trade Union Committee considered issues that do not fall within the competence nor the trade Union or Council of the labor collective. In particular, Vasiunyk And. publicly initiated the election "his man," namely, Krivorotko that is, to the position of General Director. It is worth noting, that the current airport management was appointed in June this year. During this time, from the city began to fly much cheaper and easier, because opened up several flights of world low-cost airlines. Only last month the airline used 35.8 thousand passengers. Alexey Kuznetsov was appointed as acting General Director of the State International airport "Lviv named after Danylo Galytsky by agreement of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine.
However, regarding Eugen Kryvorotko the court filed an application for a criminal offense on the fact of official negligence that caused substantial damage to the state enterprise international airport "Lviv" named after Danylo Galytsky. As you know, this is not the first conflict with the law. Earlier Kryvorotko E. was convicted of robbery and spent a year in prison.
The public tends to prevent the carve-up of the profitable enterprises of Lviv region and monitors the progress of events. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" adhere to the principled position to act within the legal field. Therefore, according to social organization, while the Commission on unscheduled audit and financial activities of the state enterprise of international airport "Lviv named after Danylo Galytsky, nobody, including the people's representatives should not interfere in the Affairs of the state enterprise.

"You cannot condemn me, I am a National Deputy" - cried today to community activists Igor Vasiunyk. In view of such statements, many MPs disregard the law and delay the current Parliament, for a relevant law, the NGO "Community Development" initiate a national referendum on the withdrawal parliamentary immunity.