Activists of the NGO "Community Development" expand cooperation with the districts of Lviv region

The first step to establishing cooperation in Stryj district was the visit of the head of "Cooperation with authorities" of the NGO "Community Development" Yuriy Tatomyr.

In the working meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Stryiskyi Region State Administration and heads of departments were presented the main directions of work of the NGO. In particular, the attention was focused on the activities of the Center of assistance for the ATO participants and their families and the organization of summer camps for children. The scale of work already made by members of the NGO has made on civil servants positive impression. From them during the conversation, the activists learned about the problems of the district. Also during the meeting we identified areas in which we will cooperate. Another institution in Stryi, which was visited on that day, by the activist of the 

"Community Development", was Stryi Agricultural College. Based educational institution has 5 museums, laboratories, sports complex, and even conducted an experimental training farm. The leaders of the institution are interested in the possibility of cooperation with the NGO, in particular, in the direction for cultural and educational activities for children or people with disabilities. Also, is considered the possibility of attracting the students of the faculty "Jurisprudence" to the legal Department.

"Today's trip to Stryi showed many ways of cooperation of our NGO with the community district. And the most important is that people are interested in our activities and they are open to implementation of many projects. I am convinced that in the near future we will begin active work on the territory of Stryi", - said Yuriy Tatomyr.