People’s deputy Igor Vasiunyk is lobbying previously convicted on the position of airport director

People’s deputies called workers of Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv” to expel current management and assign Eugen Kryvorotko (previously convicted) on the position of general director on today’s trade union meeting.

Division of public enterprises continues. This time Kryvorotko has invited People's Deputies to supported illegal capture of power on the enterprise. Questions outside competence of committee and workers council were discussed on the trade union committee meeting. In particular, Mr. Vasyunyk has publicly initiated election of "his person", namely E. Kryvorotko on the position of general director. Note that the current airport management was appointed in June. During this time, it started to fly much easier and cheaper from Lviv since several world low-cost flights opened. 35.8 thousands of passengers used benefited air transportation just last month. Oleksiy Kuznetsov was appointed as a temporary acting general director of state enterprise Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv” by Ministry of Infrastructure agreement.

Meantime, there is a claim, given to court regarding Eugene Kryvorotko, for criminal offense charges in official negligence that caused substantial damage to state enterprise Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv”. As known, this isn’t his first problem with law. Earlier Kryvorotko was convicted of robbery and spent a year in correctional colony.

Publicity want to avoid division one of the most profitable Lviv enterprise and is watching the situation. Activist of CO "Community Development" taken a principled position to act in legal way. Therefore, according to community organization opinion, while committee of unscheduled audit and financial activities in Danylo Halytsky International airport “Lviv” is working, no one, including people's deputies should interfere the business of state enterprise.

“You cannot judge me, I am people’s deputy” – shout out Ihor Vasyunyk to community activists today.
Considering such statements, numbers of legislation neglect by people’s deputies, and also delay in corresponding law adoption by the current Parliament, CO "Community Development" initiates national referendum on the withdrawal of immunity.