The draft budget of Lviv energy efficiency under the control of our activists

After the delayed adoption of the budget of Ukraine for  2015 the approvement of the local budgets has become urgent. Today, January 14, the representatives of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" observed the legality and the transparency of the discussion of the regional budget of Lviv region for 2015 on the investment and regulatory policy, the energy efficiency and business development.

On January 12, 2015 at the Lviv Regional State Administration a number of meetings with the committee members and the heads of departments and branch offices of regional state administration are held. In addition to the local media journalists the representatives of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" came at today's meeting of the draft budget.
We, the NGO, like anyone else, understand the importance of public participation in shaping public policy. For unbalanced power approaches to the regional development programs can lead to the distortions in the local budgets, especially now, during the economic crisis in the country and conducting the military operations in eastern Ukraine.
"The Parliament of Ukraine at the end of 2014 adopted the Law of Ukraine  “On Amendments to the Budget Code", which in other words means the fiscal decentralization. The Government transfers to the local budgets 10% corporate income tax, the state duty 100%, 100% payment for the provision of administrative services, 80% of the environmental tax, excise tax, 25% payment for mineral wealth tax, tax on the customs, flat tax.
Our mission is to control the officials, ensure, that the budget process can be transparent, socially fair and the local budget can took into account the public interest "- the activist of our NGO - Nazar Seniv said.

 At today's meeting in the room in LOSA the results implemented in 2014 were discussed, in the sphere of energy conservation projects and their effectiveness was assessed. The Chairman of the Budget Committee - Kachmaryk Y. D. said, that this year, the costs for the program of permanent nature will be primarily  and what is importantly, that a one-time financial aid program remain the same.

Last year's results in energy saving, as noted in the previous discussion of the budget, is in growth, and the plans in 2014 were overdone. However, the deputies touched the questions of depletion of the hryvnia and the depreciation of the population in Lviv region against this background. After all, the budget of the previous year was formed to a relatively dollar as 8.5 hryvnyas, in 2015 – as 23 UAH.
It is important, that for the 2015 it is proposed to increase the financing of the energy efficiency and lay to the  budget  15 million. UAH. 
"It is important, that the deputies have shown their vision on the importance of the development and implementation of investment programs, particularly in the regions. I am sure, that a number of NGOs caring for the further development of Lviv region, will actively turn to the process of forming a new economic paradigma ", - said the expert Adrian Fitio.