Experts of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) will offer their development Strategy of Lviv region

NGO "Community Development" has its development Strategy of Lviv region
After discussion, developed with the assistance of Ukrainian-Canadian project, development Strategy of Lviv region up to 2020, involving the implementation of projects in various fields to improve the lives of society and the development of the region as a whole, the experts decided to send back for revision this Strategy. It has many flaws, what should not be in the final version, claimed experts during the meeting. Therefore, it is obvious that the Lviv City Council will announce the acceptance of alternative Strategies on a competitive basis.
Experts of the NGO "Community Development" are ready to offer their version of the development Strategy of Lviv region, which is developed in accordance with the changes that happened in the Lviv region through unstable processes in Ukraine. This option Strategy involves the removal of all those flaws that are proposed in the Lviv City Council, and will allow you effectively implement projects in practice.