The NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" on the discussion of the budget of the region

The activists are closely monitoring the processes occurring in the country. So, Oleg Dolinsky, Roman Duda and Adrian Fityo attended the discussion of the budget in Lviv region for 2015.

            The representatives of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" took part in the discussion of the draft budget of Lviv region for 2015, the official presentation of which took place in Lviv State Administration. After declared the nationwide decentralization and tax reduction, the regional budget has undergone significant changes, especially in the revenue side.
A major problem was the uncertainty of cultural institutions, medical institutions and sports schools. Their fate is questionable in such circumstances, - the activist Oleg Dolinsky said.

Thus, the income tax on personal income reduced from 25% (797, 3 mln. UAH) to 15% (492.5 mln. UAH), which totaled the lion's share of real income of the region. These losses, and this is rather big amount - 304.8 mln. UAH the part of the  income tax will compensate little, scheduled to leave at the local level - 73.8 mln. UAH. This is the third part of the balance.
We all should get used to subsequent redistribution of power at the local level. In such circumstances, an extremely important document has become a strategy for sustainable development of our region - shared Roman Duda, the head  of  the department "The economic affairs".