At the airport "Lviv" continue provocations

Those who wish to usurp authority at the state enterprise, in this time decided to put pressure on the public.
Recently the Ministry of Infrastructure has officially announced a contest for the vacant position of the head of state enterprise International airport "Lviv" named after Danylo Halytskyy. Transparent competition probably did not like several employees of working collective, leading by Kryvorotko E.I., which repeatedly tried in all ways to take the post of the head of the airport.Not found helpful neither appeal to deputies nor to the media. This time Kryvorotko under the guise of "working team" decided to intimidate the public, who openly expressed distrust of civil servants. In one online publication "working team" put forward unjustified and unfounded accusations of the NGO "Community Development".In article activists of the public organization, widely known for their charity work and help to the families whose members died in ATO, were called "Titushky " that has become our offensive and outrageous violation of the honour and dignity.
Before the arrival of the activists of "Community Development" at the airport were already 50-60 people of suspicious appearance, which behaved aggressively, rude and defiant, constantly provoking conflicts.

In contrast to them the representatives of the "Community Development" were extremely reticent, defended the position of the same workforce. Do not hide the fact of belonging to a community, which was confirmed by uniform jackets on them with the words "Community Development". With regard to the above arises a question: "Who actually obstructed and tried to block facility?!", "And who are those odious "Titushky"?" and "What guides have those who are trying to pour mud at public?"
On Email Address of the NGO "Community Development" came anonymous treatment of employees of the State Enterprise "International airport" Lviv "named after Danylo Halytskyy. Anonymous civic activists reported on cases of violations of the law occurring in public enterprise. The provisions of legal aid were discovered shocking facts of official negligence and theft of state property by individual employees of the airport.
According to the results of the investigation of the NGO "Community Development" was formed and sent to law enforcement application-notification of criminal offences committed by employees of the State Enterprise "International airport" Lviv "named after Danylo Halytskyy ": 1) Deputy Director-General for exploitation Zazulyak R.S .; 2) Deputy General Director of General Affairs Kryvorotko E.I .;3) Deputy Director General Koontz N.V .; 4) Head of economic support of the airport Surmom P.M .; 5) Head the Office Tkachyshyn A.V .; 6) acting Head of special transport services Jasim V.M .; 7) Head of heatand sanitary provision Gromyko M.M.; 8) Head of the Department for the operation of the surface facilities Kozlovsky M. D.
It is likely that these eight people are complaining that the public organization "gave" them to the law enforcement agencies and they try to exert pressure on civil society activists. It is worth noting that from the outset of a conflict, the NGO "Community Development" invited the employees of the state enterprise at the Round table with the participation of the Chairman of regional state administration. Then workforce refused to open dialogue with the public.
It should be noted that as of today the investigation department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv railways, opened criminal proceedings on the facts of official negligence and theft of state property by officials of the Enterprise "International Airport" Lviv "named after Danylo Hallytskyy and started preliminary investigation on the given facts.
Why now, the initiative group, headed by Kryvoruchko, put forward their case to the representatives of public organizations? Perhaps now, they are trying to "launder" their tarnished reputation?!
Public organization "Community Development" has always stood forTruth, and the Law! Activists have taken a principled position, so that any problems or issues were resolved in a legal way without the use of physical force and intimidation. We strongly advocate for a legal solution of the issue, that evidenced by the fact that on 19.12.2014, for ex. No. 19/12/14-1 public organization "Community Development" was addressed to the President of Ukraine P. O. Poroshenko, Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine A.M.Pyvvovarsky, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine V.B.Hroysman, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine V.G.Yarema, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine A.B.Avakov complaints of people's deputies of Ukraine 8th convocation Vasyunyk I.V. and Kadykalo M.O.
In particular, these complaints the activists of our organization reported to the highest echelons of government about 02.10.2014 year and 18.12.2014, inthe territory of the State Enterprise "International airport" Lviv "named after Danylo Halytskyy " unidentified persons under the direction of National Deputies of Ukraine Vasyunyk I.V. and Kadykalo M.O. organized unauthorized picket-campaign with groundless appeals of power changes of the current state airport management and illegally collected fees from the labor collective with their selected employees of the enterprise,for the purpose of inciting other workers to non-airport job duties to violent methods of influence and pressure on airport management, leading to gross violation of public order and complex destabilization of the airport.
In addition, 12/19/2014 forex. No. 19/12 / 14-2 by the NGO "Community Development" was sent to the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine A.M. Pyvovarsky a complaint, objecting to the Deputy Director General of the General Affairs at the State Enterprise "International airport" Lviv "Kryvorotko E.I. ".
In particular, in the above the complaint ofobjection the activists told senior officials about the terrible facts of biography of previously convicted for selfish and violent crime robbery E. Kryvorotko which people's representatives Vasyunyk I.V. and Kadykalo M.O. actively lobbying for the post of Director General of the International airport "Lviv".
NGO "Community Development" stood and stand on the guard of the public interest and the law, and will not allow lawlessness and violence in our country! Instead, provide truth and law in every case.