How to celebrate the Day of Collegiality of Ukraine in 2015

The Cabinet approved a plan of actions for this year.

The Day of Collegiality of Ukraine – is the festival celebrated every year on the day of the act of reunification of Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, held on January 22, 1919 in the Sofia's Square in Kyiv. On this day in the capital there will be planned celebrations with the participation of the state, representatives of central and local executive bodies and the local authorities, the politicians and the public, clergy and scientists. Similar measures will be held in other regions, particularly in Lviv.


"Today, after more than two decades, the problem of unity of Ukraine is, unfortunately, no less important. The Russian troops want to occupy Ukrainian land, that is why we have more than ever to act coherently and cohesively to expel the aggressor from our native land. Ukraine – is united! "- shared the defender Yuriy Tatomyr.

On this day, the officials have to lay the flowers at monuments to figures of the Ukrainian People's Republic and the Western Ukrainian People's Republic. Within the month in the museums the new thematic exposition will be opened, the exhibitions of archival documents and the photographs dedicated to the events and the participants of Ukrainian Revolution 1917 - 1921 years, the history of  UNR and ZUNR. Also the series of thematic TV and radio programs to the 96th anniversary of the Unification Act are planned.

Additionally, the thematic conferences, a round table and awareness-raising and educational activities will be held. As part of Ukrainian cultural and artistic event "one and indivisible Ukraine" thematic performances and concerts and other cultural events will be held in the theatre and concert.