The Committee of voters of Ukraine conducted a "Training for monitors of lustration"

On 9 October in the framework of the Project "Capacity Development of NGOs to monitor audit processes and lustration and awareness campaign on the issues of verification and the lustration of public officials and judges" was held the training for the monitors of lustration.
The purpose of the event was to improve the knowledge of active citizens about the process of purification of power in Ukraine: international experience in the field of lustration, the mechanism of lustration under the Law of Ukraine "About the cleansing power", check the criteria for compliance and so on.

"Today, not only experts or social activists, but a number of deputies, united in expressing positions on the issue of imperfection of the adopted in September last year, the law of Ukraine "About the cleansing power". Of course, you can say that its adoption is the first step in cleaning up the existing system. But is this step effective? Taking into account the conclusions of the Venice Commission, we can affirmatively talk about really reasoned most important issues, concerning human rights and upholding the rules of law. They are: the absence of a single independent lustration body; too wide a circle of persons subject to lustration; the reasonableness of the disclosure; violation of the right to privacy and so on. Can we justify the populist desire of struggle against the "Regime of Yanukovych" by violations of universally recognized human rights- this is a debatable question. But the fact that the process of lustration in Ukraine requires a clear resolve- the answer is unequivocal," -said lawyer, a member of the NGO "Community Development" Solomiya Starosolska.

NGO "Community Development" is actively involved in the processes of lustration. Participation in the training is a help in the idealization of the provisions of the Project of NGO "Community Development" "The Fight Against Corruption. The school of the property auditor".