The order of processing of personal dates in the Unified Register of Members of the Antiterrorist Operation

In the Ministry of Social Policy has approved the procedure for the processing of personal dates in the Unified Register of Members of the Antiterrorist Operation from 20. 07. 15 No. 746. This procedure determines the mechanism of forming and maintaining the Single Register of Participants of the Antiterrorist Operation, as well as providing information from it.
The purpose of processing of personal dates of the participants is to implement state policy in the sphere of social protection of war veterans and ATO participants.
According to the Procedure of personal data processing involved the following information about the participant:
  • surname, name and patronymic;
  • date of birth;
  • sex;
  • number and series of passport of citizen of Ukraine;
  • registration number of taxpayer card (if available);
  • category of the participant of anti-terrorist operation;
  • place of residence (region, district, settlement, street, house, apartment);
  • contact phone number;
  • military (special) rank;
  • the presence or absence of the status of combatants;
  • place of residence while participating in the antiterrorist operation;
  • the period of participation in the antiterrorist operation;
  • the need to provide housing, health resort treatment, psychological rehabilitation, technical and other means of rehabilitation
An important aspect is that the distribution of personal dates without the consent of the subject or authorized representative is allowed in the cases defined by law and only (if necessary) in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights. This is due to the fact that the processing of personal data in the Register is carried out in accordance with the provisions of laws of Ukraine "On protection of personal dates" , "information protection in information and telecommunication systems" and CMU resolution "On approval of Rules of information protection in information, telecommunication and information telecommunication systems".
Automated Registry system is a separate closed system without access to the Internet, which provides functioning and daily updates.