The initiative of the NGO "RozvytokHromady" ("Community Development")was supported by other NGOs

The need for patrolling the streets of the city resumed after the exacerbation of military aggression by Russia and the terrible attacks in different cities of Ukraine.
NGO "Community Development" has launched a new line of protection for law enforcement and security in the city. Activists are preparing and obtaining the necessary knowledge. They will go on patrolling in order to prevent offenders commit lawlessness on the streets of our city.

"Lviv is a patriotic city. The large number of residents wishing to join the organization pleasantly surprised me," said activist Taras Lozynsky.

The initiative of "Community Development" was also supported by GF "Slaves are not allowed to Paradise" and NGO "AutoMaidanLviv", which once again confirms the growing importance of work of our activists. We are pleased that the public has expressed their support and others concerned will join the patrols.