Will Lviv region have sufficient funds to repair roads?

Member of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) Roman Duda, actively advocated the public opinion in the public debate "Who is going to have quality roads in the Lviv region after the decentralization of power?"
Representatives of political parties during the round table expressed their opinions regarding the consequences of decentralization for Lviv roads.
According to opponents of decentralization after changing the system of governance of a territorial community of Lviv region, with today's current legislation, will not receive adequate financial resources for road repairs. Opponents believe that decentralization will help the region to dispose the funds independently from excise duties and taxes, which currently controls the state.
Answering the question of Roman Duda, a member of the Commission concerning housing and communal services, transport, infrastructure development and fuel-energy complex of the Public Council under the Lviv Regional State Administration, the Chairman of the parliamentary Commission of engineering economy, transport and communications, said that the riots in Lviv are because all the work is performed by one company. And this company just does not have time. And if the work would be properly divided among several parties, than the tram to Syhiv will work.

- There are funds for the construction of tram track at Syhiv, but the problem with the contractor is that he will perform work on the sewer, because the collector must be replaced. In February-March all the details were already specified, but for some reasons everything was delayed. I think that if the tram to Syhiv will go in a year, it will be very good. My position was such that not only the "Onur" must perform the work, should be two competitive European level companies. Then they will work quickly, -he said.

In summary, experts agree that the most important issue in repair of roads is the control and suppression of corruption.

- Development of the city and region is possible only if the funds are used correctly,- said Roman Duda.