In the scandal, the new details of the taxman has appeared

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine gave the answer to the NGO  "Rozvytok Hromady"

        At the request of the legal department of the NGO came official "explanation-trying to justify oneself" from the Head of the Main Department of Internal Security in the Ministry of income and taxes in Lviv region - Andriy Mahdyaka, to whom the public has expressed distrust.

      It turned out, that his wife - Mahdyak G.M., who works at the customs post at the Lviv airport, despite the fact, that her husband's duties is to monitor the activities of the customs, she has the right to occupy this position. Also in the letter all the attempts of Mahdyak to avoid the contact with the public and the involvement of senior to any corruption schemes were rejected.

       We will remind you, that the lawyers of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" sent an appeal to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine with a request to consider compliance of the officer Mahdyak A.J. and take all measures for the full, comprehensive and objective review of the management of the Main Directorate of Internal Security in the Ministry of income and taxes in Lviv region. There are some questions about the legitimacy of being this civil servant on his post. As the Andriy Mahdyak’s wife works at the customs, and the powers of civil servants is to detect abuse and corrupt practices of employees of the same customs. Mahdyak himself came to the service of the same customs, where he worked for a long time and certainly knew about all the "workings" of the institution.

       The Legal Department of our NGO has prepared an information request to the service head of the Fiscal Service in Ukraine - Bilous I.A. whether Mahdyaka A.J. is  released from his post in connection with the entry into the force of the Law of Ukraine "On cleaning the power." The people of Ukraine requested “the cleaning of the power” and the change of the era of unresponsible officials. The activists monitor the implementation of this law.

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