Lviv activists stopped the representation of new Prosecutor of the region

Today, on 31 March, was held the official presentation of the Prosecutor of Lviv region, however, the public did not agree with the appointment procedure. Activists urge all who have the facts "for" or "against" the candidate to come to a public debate on 5 April.
NGOs call upon anyone who has evidence of abuse or incompetence of Vitaliy Miakishev, or on the contrary, has a positive reviews about him, come to a public discussion of the new Prosecutor on Tuesday, April 5 at 10:00 in the premises of the Prosecutor's office in Lviv region, Shevchenka Avenue, 17-19. Those interested can register at this number +38 063 138 97 65 , +38 093 906 67 15 and e-mail
NGOs and members of "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”), "Slaves are not allowed to Paradise"(“Rabiv do Rayu ne Puskayut”), "USU ATO", "Regional Union of social protection of ATO participants and families of the victims"(“Oblasna Spilka Sotsialnogo Zahystu Uchasnykiv ATO ta Simei Zahyblyh”), "You Must Act"(“Mayesh Diyaty”), "Self-Defense of Lviv Euromaidan"(“Samooborona Lvivskogo Euromaidanu”), "VKRM", "Patriot", "the Right sector", SC "Legion", "Will and Honour"(“Volia I Chest”) and other organizations, blocked the hall, where was held the presentation of Vitaliy Miakishev. Activists disagreed on the appointment of the new Prosecutor of Lviv region without competition and public discussion.

  • Yesterday we learned that you want to assign odious Vitaliy Miakishev. This is the person that Shokin appointed before he write his resignation letter. The requirement of citizens is to prevent “skydivers” here. The requirement is very clear, transparent – set the contest for this position and invite to a competition journalists and public activists – said the leader of NGO "Slaves are not allowed to Paradise" Ivan Sprynskyi.
Public discussion of the new Prosecutor of the region agreed to be held on Tuesday, April 5. About this activists agreed with the Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Nazar Holodnytskyi, who came to present Vitaliy Miakishev.
  • Today we stopped the new Prosecutor, who was appointed in "shadow". After a public debate on 5 April and the publication of the Declaration, experience and other information about this person, the public of Lviv region will have a opportunity to decide whether a Prosecutor will work in our region,- said the Chairman of the NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinskyi.
We add that the head of the National Police in the Lviv region Dmytro Zahariy and the First Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Rostyslav Zemlynskyi urged the Prosecutor's office to listen to public opinion, to avoid provocations and riots.
The protesters brought with them eggs and tomato juice, and also posters with inscriptions: "Public organizations are against “skydivers” and separatists". In addition, activists decided together to "collect" money to Vitaliy Miakishev for a return ticket to Zhytomyr.

The candidate himself in the auditorium for the presentation was not present.
We will remind, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokin wrote the application on dismissal from the post on 19 February. However, before the dismissal of the Prosecutor General even hastened to appoint the Chief Prosecutor in the Lviv region Vitaliy Miakishev. On the 29 March the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine agreed dismissal of Victor Shokin.
Question is in what regions similar "shadow" appointment were held and why Viktor Shokin was in such a hurry with the arrangement in the prosecution of "his" shots.
According to information prior to that appointment, Vitaliy Miakishev was the Deputy Prosecutor of the Zhytomyr region, born in 1977, senior counselor of justice, in the Prosecutor's office works since 29.03.1999, on the post of Deputy Prosecutor of the Zhytomyr region works since 02.04.2015.