The Grafter from the Customs may become the deputy head of the SSU

From 17 November the anticorruption experiment started in Lviv involving the public part. At the same time, it became known in the course of investigative journalism, that the  position of deputy head of the Security Service in Ukraine in Lviv region likely will take the former customs officer- Yaroslav Antoniak, who was fired for demanding and accepting a bribe. The former tax collector avoids participation in public councils at SSU and tries to keep back-room to take a leadership position.

          Since the beginning of the week the Security Service of Ukraine began to invite civil society activists, who are part of the Anti-Corruption Committee at public councils of SSU on the management positions in special services. The activists of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" has learned, that J. Antonyak has backstage negotiations with certain NGOs and trying to "negotiate" on the post of deputy head of the SSU in Lviv region. The activists demand in the former customs officer to receive approval from the public, and not to the backroom agreements. This position is not credible in citizens and calls into question the reputation it as a servant.

          Yaroslav Antonyak worked in Lviv customs department in the fight against smuggling. Allegedly, during his service one fact was revealed, that he demanded and accepted a bribe from an individual entrepreneur. For this guide the customs offered Antonyak to retire from service for his own desire. Also worth adding, that Y. Antoniak in 2012 ran for national deputy from the party "Ukraine - Forward," which, as you know, was a technical project of "Party of Regions".

          In the community there are serious questions about the wisdom of election as deputy head of the SSU the person with stained biography. In the time of war, when hundreds of soldiers die, the Security Service of Ukraine, more than ever, needs qualified personnel. Instead, Y. Antonyak, who was fired for bribery at customs, who also has no experience in this structure, one tries to take on leadership positions in the security services.

          "The Ukrainians seeking to curb corruption, clear state services from graft and “lustrate” managers who cover them. A year ago, it proved on the Euromaidan thousands of citizens. It is now our task to prevent to the arrival of the Security Service of Ukraine, the officials with tarnished reputation "- said the activist of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" - Yuriy Tatomyr.