Parliament wants to oblige private media outlets to place free social advertising

The media, regardless of ownership, are obliged to place social advertising of organs of local self-government, state bodies and NGOs free of charge in the amount of not less than 5% of airtime, printed space, allocated for advertisement.
One of the deputies made the proposal, having registered the bill No. 3642 "On amendments to the Law "About advertising" regarding the settlement of the internal placement of advertising on transport and social advertising".
After all, the Law on advertising, which operates today, provides to place the social advertising only to the media that are fully or partially financed from state or local budgets.
The new draft also stipulates that media must provide benefits for placing of social advertising, the customers of which are institutions of education, culture, health, which are financed by the state or local budgets, as well as charitable organizations.
In addition, under the initiative of the MP the host of the internal advertising and advertising on transport shall be agreed only with the owner of its location or a person authorized by him or by the owners of transport facilities on the basis of typical regulations, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.