In Lviv was held a round table on the appointment of Chairman of State Fiscal Service (SFS)

The public of Lviv region expresses gratitude for the participation in the round table to the people's Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Antonyshchak from the party "Block of Petro Poroshenko”, Oksana Jyrynets the party "Udar", Michajlo Bondar from the party "Narodnyj Front", the independent deputy Volodymyr Parasuk and management of Lviv regional state administration.
For more than one year Department of State Fiscal Service in Lviv region was without the head. That is not a high level of professionalism of the facilitator who was responsible for the way how fiscal doctrine in our region is built and implemented.
The opinions and views of the civil sector regarding the appointment of the candidate to the post of the head of the Fiscal Service in the Lviv region is completely ignored by R. Nasirov that is not only the undisputed flagrant violation of democratic principles, the principles of fairness, openness and transparency in personnel matters, but also leads to destabilization of the work of the fiscal bodies of social tension in society, poses threats to economic security of Ukraine, the territorial integrity and inviolability of our state.
The chairmen of NGO’s and heads of Community Formations of Lviv region, people's deputies of Ukraine from Lviv and the region believe that the appointment of the Director for such an important area of life, should occur in a completely open and transparent way. Today, however, we have no systematic changes in service (which were required by the Euromaidan during the Revolution of Dignity) incorrect appointments, poor governance and an attempt by the hands of the fiscal service to keep all the criminal schemes of the previous corrupt regime!
It should be noted that during the working visit on July 02, 2015 to Lviv the Ukrainian President P. Poroshenko personally stressed that the involvement of the head of the SFS in the Lviv region should take place transparently with the involvement of the public. On 06 July, 2015 in a letter to the Chairman of the SFS of Ukraine Nasirov R. – the Head of the Lviv Regional State Admanastration Syniutka O. expressed a similar position, therefore not agreed with the proposed by Kiev candidate, focusing on openness and publicity.
Given the above and according to the results of the round table, held on 8 July, with the participation of the deputies of the Lviv region, the management of the Lviv Regional State Administration and effective NGO’s, adopted the following decision:
  1. to complete the primary competition for the position of head of the SFS of Ukraine in Lviv region, by a reasoned justification of the impossibility of appointment of candidates recommended by the personnel Commission, or the absolute need to immediate carrying out of open competition for the position of head of the SFS of Ukraine in the Lviv region in the period up to August 08, 2015, with a clear indication of the form of submission of documents and other conditions of the contest;
  1. because of the public outcry, to hold a meeting of the tender Committee in Lviv with the participation of representatives of the community, activists and journalists;
  1. in case of absence of reaction by the management of the SFS of Ukraine and the failure of a public tender within the specified period, people's deputies of Ukraine, based on the requirements and opinion of the public of Lviv are obliged to begin the process of collecting signatures on the question of immediate resignation of the Head of the SFS of Ukraine R. Nasirov and in the shortest possible time to bring this issue to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine!