In the center of Lviv is already the 9th day of the ongoing silent social protest

Lviv activists continues the action " Promised, but never did." As a consequence, have formed the public Centre against the inaction of the LCC. Here are treated the city residents with their problems, which officials ignore.
Daily, for one hour, activists are in the Central part of the city with posters about the problems of the city. Today, July 6, the activists were on the pr. Chornovola. Posters increases every day, as increases the number of new cases of illegal construction, lack of places in kindergartens, land fraud, obstruction of business activities and etc.
The activists want to force officials to carry out their work and their promises, that is why a silent rally turned into a fight with the inaction of the LCC. Participation in the activities of the center can take anyone.
The hot line is open, one can turn to with problems and ask for help from activists: 063 138 97 65.
The action was joined by activists of the NGO “Community Development” , "Patriot", NGO "Lviv Regional Union of Social Protection of ATO Soldiers and Families of the Victims", as well as concerned and active citizens.
Recall silent action "Promised, but never did" began on June 22 and will continue in the future.
Tomorrow, on July 7, the event will be held from 10:00 till 11:00 ,near the Opera House on pr.Svobody.