On psychological lectures were about a hundred soldiers

To NGO "Community Development" addressed the commander of the military unit Donchenko M. M. to organize orientation and practical sessions with psychologist for soldiers. Volunteered to help Olena Ksionzyk , qualified psychologist.
A few days representatives of public organizations, together with the psychologist went to the military camp, located in the village of Lypnyky. They were warmly welcomed, and they spoke about the challenges facing military and noted the complexity of the specifics of their work. For sessions with a psychologist were present about a hundred people. The topic was dealing with crisis situations of social character. Talked about the sense of guilt, depression, how to overcome these problems and to prevent excessive alcohol consumption.

"Not the events themselves affect us, as our attitude towards them. Negative thoughts cause negative emotions, accumulates a negative, which can lead to suicide. We are the creators of our lives; we can decide either we want to be happy, or to live negativity. You need always to remember this and not to let the bad emotions overwhelmed us," said Olena.

In conclusion, the military had the opportunity to ask questions of the therapist. The leaders of the parts remained satisfied with the lesson and expressed a desire to organize further activities, in cooperation with the NGO "Community Development ".