The UN representatives met with members of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" ("Community Development")

Experts on Human Rights UN Monitoring Mission was impressed by the NGO and decided to meet with our activists.

Tatiana Isterevych and Kamal Mirzaev came to the office of the NGO. During the meeting, commissioners for Human Rights informed about the work in Ukraine. Taking into account the difficult situation in our country UN Secretary-General has decided to send a mission of a special monitoring and analysis to monitor human rights in the country. UN representatives form a special report for the European Community.

"What we see is reflected in our reports. In our reports relies the whole international community, as well as certain structures, including the United Nations. This way, the international community appears independent and objective picture of events in Ukraine, "- said Kamal Mirzaev.

UN representatives were interested in the activities of the NGO "Community Development". Activists talked about their daily assistance to wounded soldiers in ATO, their help for families of soldiers and people with disabilities.

"Now people trust us, because they tell each other and call for help more often. We try to support as many people, as possible, "- said the head of "Assistance for ATO" Oleg Dolinsky.

It should be noted that in the framework of the Centre of assistance to the families of soldiers who died in the ATO has already received assistance about 70 families from all over Lviv. Also to lawyers-volunteers turned more than 150 injured soldiers.

“In your simple example, we see that Ukrainians do real miracles. You rallied and do good and right things. The organization seems to be small, but if you calculate all the numbers, how many people you have helped, it would be really a huge number,” added Mirzaev.

UN representatives have assured that this is not the last meeting with the participants the “Community Development”. They want to continue to communicate with community activists.