Children of ATO soldiers watched the movie "Finding Dory"

Today,on  June 22, four children of ATO soldiers watched the cartoon "Finding Dory" in the framework of the project "Day of the young spectator"

The main character of the cartoon is a friend of Nemo, a good fish-surgeon Dori. She suffers from memory lapses and constantly get in different troubles. This time she will make every effort to get rid of her problem and find her family. In this Dori is help by her faithful friends and relatives: already familiar to all Nemo, his father Marlin, as well as other inhabitants of the ocean. In the cartoon there were new, previously unknown to the viewer characters.
Children received a lot of positive emotions from a trip with incredible fish.
  • I loved the cartoon and the main character. Dori is very positive and will give me a good mood for the whole day - shared Nastya


We will remind that activists of the NGO "Community Development" weekly arrange for kids entertainment in the cinema network "Kinopalats".