For 75 days of the war, we received and distributed more than 60 trucks of humanitarian aid

Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have intensified the efforts of friendly public associations to support quickly the Ukrainians who found themselves in the war zone and our soldiers who were the first to join our army. European countries sent a lot of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, most of which arrived at our transit humanitarian warehouse in Przemyśl, only then the assistance was transported to our warehouses in Lviv where we formed shipments to areas with humanitarian needs.

Recently, as our warehouse in Riasne was closed, we have published a detailed report on our work there. Now, because of the decreasing of the amount of needed staff, humanitarian aid is improved and we are closing our main warehouse on Sichynskoho St., Lviv. Here are the general results of our work since the third day of the war.

In total, during 75 days through our warehouses passed 61 trucks or 2013 europallets of humanitarian aid: food, clothing, hygiene products, equipment, medicines.

Humanitarian assistance came from communities of: Opole city, Poland («Fundacja Droga do Boga» 38-102Grodzisko, ks. Lukasz Lesniak); Gmina Horodło, Poland; Prague city, the Czech Republic; Valladolid city and Barcelona city, Spain; Rzeszów city, Poland; Przemyśl city, Poland; Korczowa, Poland; Vienna city, Austria; the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Latvia; London city, the United Kingdom of Great Britain; organizations "Familien Kirche Pfarre Neuottakring", Shehyni border crossing point and Krakivets border crossing point. All humanitarian aid went to volunteer organizations in Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kropyvnytskyi, Kryvyi Rih, Poltava, Chernihiv, military units throughout Ukraine and refugee centers located in Lviv.

The assistance received:

Public associations: Civil Society Union «Сouncil of Ukrainian Muslims», Kharkiv Regional Charity Fund «Сhildhood in the palms», Charitable Foundation «Volunteers - warriors of good» in Zhytomyr, Civil Society Union «Vilna Natsiya» in Kyiv, Charitable Foundation «Southern capital» in Odesa, the NGO «Society initiatives institute» in Lviv, Consumer Society «Chervona ruta» in Lviv, Religious Organization Khmelnitskiy Regional Association of Ukrainian Pentecostal Church, Tarashcha Regional Organization of Red Cross, Coordinating Centre of Volunteers «Oleksandriia» in Kirovohrad Oblast, Charitable Foundation of Inessa Shyshkina for the protection of the homeless animal in Rivne, Dante Event in Lviv, Private Company «Art-energo» in Lviv-Sokilnyky;

Authorities: Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, Lubny City Council of Poltava Region, Obukhiv District Administration of Kyiv Region, Hlevakha United Territorial Community of Fastiv District of Kyiv Region, Okhtyrka District Administration (Trostianets city, Sumy Region), Zhytomyr Regional Council, Kozyn Village Council of Obukhiv District of Kyiv Region, Voronkiv Village Council of Boryspil District of Kyiv Region, Ohmatdyt National Specialized Children’s Hospital Ministry of Health of Ukraine in Kyiv, Municipal Enterprise «Kryvyi Rih City Clinical Hospital №2», Kharkiv Regional Clinical Hospital, Municipal Enterprise «Chernihiv Regional Children's Hospital», Sumy Regional Clinical Hospital for War Veterans, Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv, The Special Operations Detachment "Azov", Military Unit of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Military Units in Chernivtsi and Chuhuiv cities, Health resort «Truskavets» of Security Service of Ukraine, People's deputy of Ukraine Zub V.O., People's deputy of Ukraine Liubov Shlapak, Cherkasy city and many other organizations and state institutions.

Daily information about humanitarian aid is on our Facebook page.