"I am very grateful to"Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) that they does not forget about us!" - mother of the deceased soldier of ATO

With the support of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" the family of the fallen Hero rested in the Carpathians.
The Charitable Foundation was approached by the mother of the deceased soldier Volodymyr Verbytsky. Due to severe psycho-emotional state, the woman asked to be distracted and get healthier in the Carpathians. All the events they have experienced, the family had a negative impact on their health. Team of NGO was sympathetic to the request of an elderly woman and arranged for her and her grandson to stay in the complex "Rozanka" in the village Slavsk, which was funded by the Charitable Foundation "Community Development ". Activists also organized to a family a travel to a place of rest and recuperation.
In "Slavsk" Bogdana Petrivna and five years old Vladyslav expected incredibly beautiful nature, fresh air and wonderful leisure facilities.

"We really liked this place. I finally had the opportunity to get away and relax, I had a headache, I finally stopped taking the pills. Vladyslav was delighted with what he saw, he liked everything – the river, a Playground, an area.... Very grateful to "Community Development" for help, only you not forget us," shared Mrs. Bogdana.

It is worth noting that the family Verbytsky are members of the Center of Assistance to the families of deceased soldiers in the ATO established within the NGO "Community Development".
From Charitable Foundation “Community Development” was allocated 3,143 UAH, to help Mrs. Bogdana and her grandson. The organizers express their sincere gratitude to the leadership of the entertainment complex "Rozanka" for the cooperation and the discount.

We will remind that, recently, in the framework of the Center of Assistance to the families of deceased soldiers in the ATO activists of the NGO “Community Development” helped to organize a trip to France, to Brest, to the family of the deceased in the area of ATO soldier. On holiday abroad went wife Natalia and son Vasyl.