33 Ukrainian refugees arrived in Belgium with the support of Charity Foundation «Rozvytok Hromady»

On March 9, Veronika Khidchenko, the head of Charity Foundation «Rozvytok Hromady», together with the Belgian organization «Round Table», brought 33 Ukrainian refugees to Belgium. Among them were 14 children and 2 infants.

On the way to Ukraine, Belgian volunteers brought humanitarian aid, which mainly includes medicines for the forefront, hygiene items and medicines for infants, while going back they took the most valuable cargo that can be - our children.

In Geel, kids and their mothers found themselves in the safe hands of Belgian families for up to three months, with the possibility of extending their stay for as long as necessary with all preferences, such as financial assistance and health insurance, free accommodation and more.

"It was not easy, because the road took three days, and there is nothing to talk about psychological experiences," the head said, "but I am highly grateful to our friends from Belgium, the organization "Round Table", which includes businessmen of all kinds, for such an incredibly important initiative and impeccable organization of the whole process: from logistics to food. Despite that, they, like ordinary volunteers, left their jobs, families to help our country, which is now in great distress, suffering from a brutal war. In which, above all, the civilians suffer. Paradoxically, I am grateful to our organization for its ability not to be afraid of difficulties and strangers, for the determination and perseverance I have learned over the last eight years of my life, working side-by-side with coworkers. After all, I did not see Eva, Frederick or Kevin, Yarik or Christopher, but only wrote to them on Facebook. Also, I am very grateful to my husband for the support and initiative. He organized meetings with mayors of three cities, including his hometown, to help Ukraine. So I hope that cooperation between our organization and them will continue in these areas in the name of Ukraine's victory over the crazy Kremlin!"

Since the beginning of the war, Belgium has sheltered almost 200,000 Ukrainians. The kingdom itself is small - only slightly larger than the Lviv region.

Our Charity Foundation, also, helped to find shelter for 14 refugees in Germany and 6 people in France.