Humanitarian health assistance always reaches its destination

Even a small medicine package that will get into a 20-ton humanitarian cargo will be delivered to the most needed places.

Humanitarian medical storage, which our organization takes care of, is a separate, sterile room, where all medical supplies are transported and sorted by volunteer doctors for the active ingredient and sent to mobile medical units and hospitals throughout Ukraine to save lives.

Recipients of medicines are not only our permanent partners in Kharkiv and Kyiv, but also, charitable foundation «The southern capital» in Odesa. There were delivered more than a dozen boxes of insulin and provided various medications.

Recently, together with the Lviv regional military administration, which provided transport from Lviv, a large consignment of medicines (almost 100 items) was sent to the Kharkiv regional children's clinical hospital. Humanitarian health cargo was gathered in Latvia and delivered to Poland to our transit warehouse in Przemyśl. Afte that, on our own, we transported the cargo to Lviv, and later, with the support of Lviv regional military administration, the medicine got to its destination.