The Center of assistance to the families, whose members were killed in ATO, organized a meeting with psychologists and lawyers

Public activists, together with representatives of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists (UUS) met with the families of servicemen, who died in the East of Ukraine.
On Saturday, January 24, professional therapists with NGO lawyers provided assistance to the families of our defenders. The meeting was held in a good and sincere atmosphere. Participants shared their experience how to survive a terrible grief that befell them. Someone going through it all by themselves, someone is trying to communicate more with others.
The lawyers of the NGO "Community Development", provided legal assistance, and answered the questions of the families.
“Often families, who have survived this terrible grief, just need understanding, it is important to hear them. Psychologists pointed out: it is important to communicate and not to withdraw into themselves, and such meetings are certainly contributed to this,” said activist Roman Duda.
Families expressed a desire to meet again. Recall, that the framework of the Centre of assistance to families, whose members were killed in ATO, works by providing psychological support from the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists. Lawyers for the public organizations, provide expert legal assistance.