Save Ukraine collected 20 tons of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in Prague

The NGO «House of national minorities» (Dům národnostních menšin Praha), facilitated by Embassy of Ukraine in Prague and at the initiative of «Save Ukraine» collected 20 tons of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians in Prague. Today the cargo arrived at our warehouses in Lviv. We immediately loaded a humanitarian aid bus to Kharkiv, and some of the child's stuff were delivered to the St. Nicholas multidisciplinary training and rehabilitation center in Briukhovychi.

On their page, the people of Prague wrote "

Today we lifted our asses, raised our homes and found many things that we donated .. medicines, blankets, hygiene products, sleeping bags ..

Maybe we can help someone at least a little. Now we need active help, and Putin is the evil of the world. And we feel sorry for all those innocent people. We are grateful that we can do something. "

We remind you our details for donations:
Charitable Foundation «Rozvytok Hromady
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International Charitable Foundation «Faithful Ukraine» USREOU 42069798

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