Families of fighters of ATO are struggling with lawlessness of Lviv City Counsil

Representatives of the "Union of social protection of ATO soldiers and families of the victims appealed to the activists of the NGO "Community Development" for support in the allocation of land for military who participated in ATO.
The law of Ukraine "On status of war veterans, guarantees their social protection" (paragraph 14, article 12) stipulates that combatants have the right to priority allocation of land plots for individual housing construction . For the past 10 months, the ATO participants and their families require at Lviv City Council formal decision on the allocation of two plots of land for construction of high-rise buildings along the Pidgolosko street in Lviv.
Union Chairman reported that in response to their repeated appeals to the Lviv City Council they received official denials that specify information about the lack of land that could be dedicated to ATO participants and their families. Note that according to the law of Ukraine, all Ukrainian military, who returned from the zone of ATO, and families of dead soldiers, can get 0.1 ha. of land. However, the number of people who claim the land, in October 2014 at a meeting of the Executive Committee of Lviv City Council, decided to allocate one plot for construction of a high-rise building with 400 apartments.
As of today,in the waiting list for housing is more than 600 people. Mrs. Bogdana Sirkiv noted that one high-rise building for all participants of the ATO and the families of the victims will not be enough. Therefore, the Union representatives suggested deputies of the Lviv City Council to allocate 2 more land plots. City officials headed by the Chairman promised to book the adjoining land for construction of apartments, but when this house will be built and if it will be build at all, nobody knows.
At the last meeting of the Executive Committee of Lviv City Council has been on the agenda the question about the construction of an apartment building by the Lviv Municipal Enterprise “Rembud”. However, the members of the Union of the ATO and the families of the dead soldiers were indignant with the proposal of Lviv Municipal Enterprise:


"We did not like the proposal of the city Council, because for 22 years the LME “Rembud” built only 2multi-storey buildings on the street Kulparkivska, while other developers build 10 houses a year. Not surprisingly, that Mr. Mayor offers for the construction of buildings “his” enterprise “Rembud”. In return we demand transparent solution to this issue and open tendering. Also we realize, if not to fight for the land that belongs to us by Law of Ukraine now, we’ll find ourselves in the same situation as the Afghans, who since 1989 can not receive the promised apartments," - said the Chairman of the Union Bogdana Sirkiv.

Mrs. Sirkiv also said that the basic requirement of Union members is the provision of a written guarantee from the Lviv City Council to the participants of the ATO and the families of dead soldiers on the allocation of land, as well as clearly defined terms of construction of multi-storey houses.