Activists of the "Development Community" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) told the OSCE about the allocation of land plots for ATO participants in the Lviv region

Recently a meeting with the monitoring mission in Ukraine OSCE was held, which was attended by the last Head of the mission Olga, who is going to leave that position, and the new Head Yaroslav Derlytsky, with whom was an acquaintance.
Talked about the main directions of work of the NGO "Community Development". Focused on the difficult situation of the allocation of land to members of the ATO. Told about the position of ATO participants and communities, and about the reluctance of the Head and of the Lviv City Council to make concessions and to listen to the public opinion.

"The City Council does not hear the participants of the ATO, therefore, a meeting was held to resolve a complex issue which can't be decided for 3 months. Session of the City Council will be held, and this issue will be on the agenda. OSCE representatives will come to this session and will note this in their report," says the head of the department "Assistance to ATO" Oleg Dolinskiy.

It is worth noting that the public organization "Community Development" has long been cooperating with the Special monitoring mission of the OSCE. Activists tell the representatives of the mission of the help to fighters of ATO and current issues in the Lviv region, in particular.
Cateryna Kosiv, journalist