Rested with body and soul

Before the beginning of the Petro Fasting, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" together with the families of ATO participants visited Christian Shrine in Stradch.
Stradchi is Marijskyi Pilgrimage Centre, the Shrine of the UGCC, which is equal in importance to Zarvanytsya and Unevu, and one of the oldest Ukrainian Christian place. It should be noted that the Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos, in Stradch each year come thousands of pilgrims to find peace of mind and tranquility.

Activists of NGO, together with USU ATO combined active rest and spiritual enrichment. This is not the first time the ATO participants with families, conduct joint visits to Holy Places. First there was common prayer in the Service of God, and excursion. Later, all present were treated with a delicious Kulish.

We organize such trips for ATO participants and their families, so they could spent leisure time together, talked and had successfully gotten through the weekend, - says Sergiy Diachyshyn, head of USU ATO

Recall that last time, before the Great Fasting, the members of ATO together with the families and activists of the NGO "Community Development" rested in Krehiv.