Fundraise to assist the military from the Lviv region

Our defenders are in critical need of expensive tactical communication hearing protectors:
M32H Tactical Communication Hearing Protector FAST az25265 (2500€)
EARMOR Konektor M51 Tactical PTT Kenwood AZ25270 10 ks (700€)

The total cost: €3200

You can transfer funds HERE

Or to the requisite details of Charitable Foundation “Rozvytok Hromady”

Requisite details of Charitable foundation "Rozvytok Hromady"
IBAN Code: UA263057490000002600130922401
USREOU 39479117
MFO Code 305749

Payment details: On a military tactical communication hearing protectors.

The soldiers asked not to disclose information about the military unit, because they will be performing special tasks. For more information, contact our office: (032) 235-55-03

The military hopes for your support. Together to the victory!