Activists organized a trip for the military to the Univ (Univskiy monastyr) monastery

The participants of the NGO "Community Development" together with the soldiers, who returned from the zone of ATO, attended the Univ monastery.
NGO activists organized a trip for the warriors of ATO, which are now undergoing a rehabilitation course in Lviv medical institutions, to the Univ monastery.
The journey to the Shrine had a positive impact on the military. Our Heroes had the opportunity to see almost all the attractions of the monastery. One of the priests held informative excursion on Holy places. In the monastery military were invited to dinner.
"The soldiers were pleased with the trip. On the way to the house on the faces of the soldiers were peace and positive emotions. Clearly, these trips are for Ukrainian soldiers who returned from the zone of intense fighting, should be organized more often," said the member of the NGO "Community Development" Andreiy Feduniak.
Andriy Feduniak,
the pupil of school № 28, Lviv