In Krehiv we had rested and spiritually enriched - the families of ATO participants

Great Lent is the preparation of Christians to the most important holiday of Easter, of the resurrection of Christ. This is a period of internal spiritual purification and perfection. The meaning of fasting is not in avoiding some products, but in focusing on the internal world. Therefore, the ATO participants, their families and activists staged a joint trip to the Krehiv monastery.
On 17 April the activists of the NGO "Community Development", VPV "Patriot", USU ATO, the Regional Union of social protection of ATO participants and families of the deceased soldiers have arranged for families of ATO participants a trip to the village. First, there was a General prayer and a tour around the monastery. After that all moved to an ancient cave, which is over 500 years old, and to the religious source from which many years ago drank water the founders of the monastery in Krehiv.
  • My family and I are well rested, filled heart and soul, met with friends, and the soldiers exchanged memories and make plans for the future, - said Galyna
During lent it was a good opportunity to relax and be enriched spiritually. At the end of long trips for families of ATO participants was held a picnic.
Sincere gratitude for the help in organizing the trip participants express to Oleh Baran ("Barkom"), Volodymyr Melnyk (LLC "Uspih BM"), Oleg Duma (LLC "Lvivske ATP-14631"), as well as deputies of City Council Vitaly Svishchov and Andriy Karbovnyk and Deputy Lviv Regional Council Volodymyr Girniak.