How did the volunteer movement changed in Ukraine for the year?

The volunteer movement in Ukraine in the last year has become very important. An activist of the NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinskiy, spoke about the role of volunteers in the restoration and creation of our state in the Studio of TRC "Lviv".
Saturday, March 14, representatives of voluntary organizations were invited to the TV program "On time" to discuss the positive aspects from the revitalization of the volunteer movement in Ukraine. Participants noted that volunteers came together on the grounds of social woes, which now became the war in the East of Ukraine.
"A year ago we were not like this. Previously, we dealt with the problems of their loved ones, but not others. Today Ukrainians won indifference and ready to hear about the trouble of strangers. Now we listen to the wife of a military man, imbued with his problems and together look for ways of solving them", - said the member of the NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinskiy.
Studio guests of TRC "Lviv" told the story of the appearance of volunteer movements in the world and in Ukraine and their role in the life of the country. Participants in the program noted that the volunteer movement was founded in 1959 by a Red Cross Society.
"Basic principles of volunteer organizations are the respect for the rights of all people, as well as providing free assistance to those who need it. In Ukraine, the volunteer movement was born from a “Plast”. A great achievement of the Ukrainian society is that such a movement today has reached a very high level of development", - said the head of "Assistance to ATO" NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinskiy.
Present in the Studio also discussed the importance of volunteer work in the period of Anti-Terrorist Operations in Eastern Ukraine. The participants noted that the activities of voluntary movements, which provide the Ukrainian military, prevent the unstable economic situation in the country and a sharp appreciation of the dollar. This causes problems with the purchase of special equipment for the military, because their cost is significantly increased. Also, guests discussed the issues of assistance to Ukraine, which suffered during combat operations in Eastern Ukraine.
"Thanks to the activities of volunteer movements, the Ukrainian military have the opportunity to get dentures or qualified treatment abroad. For example, our public organization "Community Development" for the collected funds helped participants of ATO to go to rehab in health resorts in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to “the Center of assistances to the families whose members were killed in ATO" was granted financial and legal assistance to more than 10 families in the Lviv region. However, it should be remembered that the majority of those whom we cared require ongoing support," - concluded Dolinskiy.