The main actor of the film "the Guide" has met with activists of "Community Development"

Anton Sviatoslav Greene, the performer of the main role in the film "the Guide", every summer visits family in Lviv. During the holidays, the young man found time to meet with members of the "Community Development" to discuss the possibility of further cooperation in the field of help to the families of ATO participants.
Recall that the young Ukrainian cinema star, Anton Sviatoslav Greene, two months ago sent from USA to the NGO "Community Development" humanitarian assistance for children of participants of the ATO. NGO activists have informed the families of the deceased about the possibility to get children's clothing and toys. Things sent by representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Detroit, came to pick up the parents, and often with children. Take the opportunity, while staying in Lviv, Anton Sviatoslav with his grandmother, came to the office of "Community Development" to learn more about the work of the organization. The Chairman of the NGO "Community Development" Oleg Dolinsky handed the guy a thanks for the help to the Ukrainian families and spoke about the activities in the direction of "Assistance to the ATO."
Despite great success in Ukraine of the film by Director Oles Sanin "the Guide", the main actor was a quiet, humble kid with a big heart. Born in the United States, he considers himself Ukrainian and sincerely worried about the fate of Ukraine. Patriotic education of the boy is manifested in his actions, since he was the initiator of collecting things for Ukrainian children in the schools of Detroit.

"It is good that you handed to Anton- Svyatoslav thanks for his work, he will definitely show it to his classmates and friends at school, which, in fact, joined the gathering of these things. They will also be pleased," says the grandmother of the boy, L’ybov Soroka.

By the way, Anton Sviatoslav Greene, like his older brother, studying in Ukrainian school and is a member of scouts organization. The mother of the boys, Solomiya, also tries to help her countrymen who suffered from the war. As told by the grandmother of Anton, her daughter helped two wounded children from the Ukraine to install the prosthesis.
This charity of young American with Ukrainian soul does not end. As soon as school starts the school year, Anton Sviatoslav Greene will continue to collect items for families of participants of ATO. The guy decided to continue cooperation with the activists of "Community Development", which will transmit the aid to the needy.