Since the beginning of the war, our humanitarian center has sent 363 europallets of humanitarian aid (detailed report)

From the first days of the war, the consolidated warehouse of the NGO, the Charitable Foundation «Rozvytok Hromady» and the Charitable Foundation «Our Home Lviv» received humanitarian goods from various European countries, sorted them and delivered to the combat zone, military and internally displaced persons. Dozens of volunteers worked in the warehouse every day to respond to requests as soon as possible, quickly find partner organizations on the ground, find transportation, raise money for fuel and keep in touch with the cargo up to the destination.

For the most part, due to the frantic pace, there was no time to record all shipments, but after two months of the war with the great support of charitable organizations in Ukraine, humanitarian needs now are clearly directed and that’s why the amount of needed staff has decreased. Now, while closing one of the warehouses we can report on what was done there daily for 35 days.