New batch of humanities aid from foreign donors!

A new batch of humanities had arrived. To the attention of humanitarian organizations that deliver humanitarian aid to the east of Ukraine and refugee centers Charitable Foundation «Rozvytok Hromady» and the friendly international charitable foundation «Faithful Ukraine» received a new batch of humanitarian aid from foreign donors.

• baby clothes, strollers, child food, diapers
• mattresses, blankets, towels, mats, sleeping bags
• household chemicals, utensils
• water, food, canned food

Phones for applications and clarification of the availability of humanities: +38068 817 60 92

You all do good with the help of us!!!! Trust only reliable charities with extensive experience in charity and volunteering

Everything will be Ukraine!!!

We remind you our details for donations:
Charitable Foundation «Rozvytok Hromady USREOU 39479117
IBAN Code: UA263057490000002600130922401
**For transfers from abroad:**
Oleksandr Veremeyenko 4021234023/0800
IBAN CZ51 0800 0000 0040 2123 4023
(Purpose of payment - Nash dim Lviv)
We have united to save UKRAINE!!!!