The family of the deceased military will be awarded the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky

Tomorrow, on the January 29, with the assistance of the activists of the NGO "Community Development" will be awarded the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree the family, whose son died in July, 2014 in the zone of the ATO.
Parents of a soldier Andrew Kinsman, on Saturday appealed to the representatives of public organizations with the request to organize the official presentation of a posthumous order of their son. Activists responded promptly to the request of citizens. The lawyers of NGO "Community Development" agreed with the administration of the Lyceum named after Krut Heroes, about holding the event, at the premises of the institution of the club, on Thursday29, January. Awarding of the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree will take place at 15:00.
As stated in the decree of the President of Ukraine "On the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky", this award is given to citizens of Ukraine for outstanding achievements in the protection of state sovereignty, territorial integrity, strengthening the defense capability and security of Ukraine.