Free dentistry for families of servicemen killed in ATO

Wife, mothers, and children from the families of the victims in the ATO can receive quality dental care in the 4th municipal clinic in Lviv.
NGO "Community Development" supported the excellent initiative of the social activist Ulyana Deineki and human rights defender Taras Gatelyak in the framework of the project "Part of me" (“Chastynka Sebe”). Consequently, families from the families of the victims of the ATO can receive quality dental care. Charitable initiative was supported by the chief doctor of the municipal dental clinic No 4 Galina Yaroslavivna Lyalka.


"It's wonderful that together we can help more families. At such a difficult time it is important to combine efforts, because together we are stronger" - said the head of "Assistance to ATO" Oleg Dolinskiy.

Monday, March 23 dental care received Svetlana, the wife of a soldier killed in Eastern Ukraine.
To schedule an appointment to military families you need to call on the hotline of NGO (032) 235 55 03.
Recall that in the framework of the NGO "Community Development" is already for more than half a year there is a Center of assistance to the families whose members died in the ATO. Activists contact with family members, find out what they need and try to help. To the families of military personnel lawyers perform free legal assistance, also works the service of psychological support from the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists.