Activists helped the soldier to get a ticket to the sanatorium

To lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" turned the participant of ATO with complain, that he could not get the promised state ticket to the sanatorium. Activists helped to solve the problem.
All Ukrainian servicemen, according to the law of Ukraine “On social and legal protection of servicemen and members of their families” annually should be issued the permit in sanatorium of Armed Forces of Ukraine, for which pays the state. However, doctors at a military hospital and employees of military units are not disclosing such information, thus trying to save money.
Soldier Litvinov Denis Petrovich turned to the lawyers of the public organization “Community Development”, which provide free legal assistance in a military hospital, regarding the registration status of the participant of ATO and obtaining the permit in sanatorium of Armed Forces of Ukraine. For more than two months (from 01.12.14) he tried to get a ticket, but no one wants to give it to him. In particular, the military stated that in August 2014 he was injured, he has a fire shrapnel wound of the abdominal cavity without damage of internal organs with the presence of metallic debris and he already for six months being treated.
Activists helped the soldier to make the participant status of ATO. They also explained that according to the Law of Ukraine “On social and legal protection of servicemen and members of their families” due to Litvinov Denis wounds, the authorities are obliged to issue the permit. However, the doctors at the military hospital did not provide evidences in favor of the participant's departure in the sanatorium, which did not allow receiving tickets to patients.
Lawyers of the public organizations appealed to the charity Foundation “Community Development” with a request to provide funds for the purchase of vouchers for servicemen. Thanks to activists, on February 9, Denis Litvinov went to a sanatorium in Truskavets. 

“Thanks to the many legal consultations, that we held, soldier has prepared all necessary documents for a participant of ATO. With the assistance of the charitable Foundation “Community Development” Denis Litvinov was purchased a ticket in Truskavets to “Shakhtar” sanatorium, where he will stay for 10 days, until 19 February,” said the lawyer of a public organization Irina Dychko.

It should be noted that, thanks to the work of activists, already was sent to sanatorium-resort treatment another participant of the ATO.