Activists of "Community Development" has collected books for the wounded ATO participants

The print edition will be send to the Military medical clinical centre in LvivRehabilitation of the military, wounded in the ATO zone, is typically a complex and lengthy process. Curing wounds and restoring their health, the soldiers have to lie for months in hospitals. In order to somehow diversify leisure of men in hospitals, community activists have repeatedly held entertainments, including the last tournament in draughts and chess.

Recently, activists of the "Community Development" decided to join the initiative of a group of active citizens in collecting books for soldiers undergoing treatment in a military hospital. Spreading the information among family and friends they managed to collect several dozen publications.

"During the hospital draughts tournament, we met with Mrs. Lyudmyla, which brought for guys literature to read. After talking with her, we immediately decided to help them in collecting books, because we have seen considerable interest from the military to the reading," says the activist of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Feduniak.

Collected books activists brought to the premises on the street Lychakivska, 6/14, where they were met by Natalia Shvagulak, one of the activists who are engaged in the transfer of books. According to her, it became known that "the printed word" is not only for military undergoing treatment in medical institutions of Lviv, but also is sent to the zone of the antiterrorist operation.

"It all started last year with the book Forum in Lviv, we were able to collect the publishers a certain amount of literature and pass them to the wounded in the hospital. Gradually, we began to contact people, to also provide books. Soldiers who undergo rehabilitation like to read, with the literature the time passes faster and they can take a break from thoughts of war. Especially popular among them are Ukrainian-language publications of the Ukrainian contemporary authors. Extremely nice for guys were to receive books written by the Ukrayins’ka Povstans’ka Armiya, UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army). The authors, who remember the war for Ukraine in the last century, wrote to the guys in books their messages. It was like a communication between the generations," says Natalia Shvagulak.

Anyone who would like to join the good deed and pass on a good book to our Defenders can contact with Natalia, Shvagulak by calling+38 (098) 336-05-16, +38 (066) 328-32-88, or to bring literature to the address: Lychakivska street, Lviv, 6/14 (entrance from the street Vuz’ka).