Social activists congratulated with the birthday the son of the fallen Hero

To honor the memory of fallen soldiers of the ATO is the duty of every conscious Ukrainian, because these people gave their lives for their country, orphaned their children, widowed wives, and left lonely in the declining years, their fathers and mothers. And in fact those who have been orphaned by the war will have to live with the pain in the heart throughout life.
For a little gloss over the pain of loss, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" for military families, organize excursions, provide humanitarian aid, and invite children to various activities.
In the framework of the project "Give a child a dream", on August 31, NGO activists congratulated with happy birthday son of the fallen Hero, a member of the ATO Igor Borys. Eleven-year-old Maxim lives with his mother and younger brother in the town of Drohobych. On the birthday f a boy activists came to his house to congratulate and give gifts. However Maksym was not at home at that time because he is undergoing treatment in one of the sanatoriums of Truskavets, so the Goodies were handed to his family.

"Our social organization for more than a year helps the military in the ATO zone, the families of the members of the antiterrorist operation and fallen heroes. We pay special attention to those children who have been orphaned because of the war, because we want them to see and feel how much the public appreciates the heroism of their parents, " says an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Feduniak. 

The organizers express their gratitude to the project partners for providing presents for the boy. We hope that donated embroidery will become a good decoration for Maksym during joyful events in his life, fiction books and stationery will help the guy in the "land of knowledge", while video-game consoles will give a vivid holiday.